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Mirum launches Lipton Tet campaign to wish beloveds a positive new year

Utilizing social media and vibrant new packaging to enhance warm, caring brand image of Lipton throughout Vietnam.

Lipton, from Unilever Vietnam, and Mirum Vietnam have launched a digital campaign through social media to highlight Lipton’s prosperous new packaging. Designed for Tet, the limited edition Lipton packaging received positive attention from fans, spreading the message ‘ẤM VỊ TÌNH THÂN, TRAO NĂM TƯƠI SÁNG’ (Warm taste of togetherness, to give a positive new year).

Tet holiday is an important occasion in Vietnam. Tet is not just a reason to celebration, it is the season of sharing, caring, and when family and friends gather to wish everyone a prosperous new year.

During the holiday, everyone prepares gifts for their families, colleages and friends to show respect and wish their loved ones a prosperous, healthy and lucky year ahead.

Tea is a top-choice to give during the Tet holiday. That is why in 2017, Lipton Tet limited edition was created for customers to spread the positivity to their friends, family and co-workers

To get consumers familiar with the new Tet package, Mirum created a digital campaign and messaging to drive brand affinity and sales. Mirum drove the online traffic to e-commerce to Lipton’s partner Tiki.vn to promote the limited edition Tet Packaging.

To promote the new package on Facebook, Mirum was responsible for designing and preparing the Facebook content. The content for the campaign was based on two main ideas: Revealing emotional and quality facts of Lipton tea, and spreading the message ‘TRAO NĂM TƯƠI SÁNG’ (Giving a bright year).

To reveal the emotional and quality facts of Lipton, Mirum utilized the social community by opening a debate on whether Lipton’s fans belong to ‘#TeamChatLuong’ or ‘#TeamTinhThan’. ‘#TeamChatLuong’ (Quality Group) refers to a group of people who mostly care about the product quality when giving a present. ‘#TeamTinhThan’ (Spirit Group) refers to those who focus on the meaning of the present. As Lipton’s Tet 2017 limited edition products fit both ‘#TeamChatLuong’ and ‘#TeamTinhThan’, this smart campaign successfully defined Lipton’s positivity: happiness, prosperity and health to the recipient, while highlighting the premium gift image of Lipton Tet products.

Featuring the concept ‘Lipton, the best Tet gift for your beloved’, the designs were prepared with unique messages: celebrate lunar new year, send happiness to friends, health to family members, and prosperity and success to senior colleagues. This campaign achieved huge engagement with fans, with the great idea of ‘dream gift box’ mini games for users to win vouchers. This led to an increase of the sales for Lipton’s limited edition Tet product. It was not only emotional and meaningful content, but also a great way to interact with fans, as the two mini game posts resulted in a reach of more than 3.6 million, with 46,870 post interactions and 74,978 post engagements in total.

Appealing to friendships, co-worker relationships and the family-oriented culture of Tet holiday with attractive incentives in mini games, Lipton’s fan page has recruited approximately 5,000 new fans, going from 255,856 to 260,531 within just two months. This digital campaign by Mirum utilizing social media received both commercial and non-commercial success, contributing greatly to enhancing a warm, caring brand image of Lipton throughout Vietnam.

- Claire HaeLim Ahn is PR Intern, Mirum Vietnam.