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Leading Confectionery Brand PVM Turns to Mirum Vietnam for Colorful Chupa Chups Content

Inspired by social listening, Chupa Chups’ “always-on” Facebook posts authentically engage with fans

Chupa Chups, one of the leading global brands of Perfetti van Melle (aka PVM) asked Mirum Vietnam to manage Chupa Chups’ Facebook fan page for the year 2016. In today’s digital world, social media is filled with new trends continuously hitting our news feeds. During this phase, Mirum proposed real-time content that considered detailed, specific content angles, capturing trends through constant social listening and analysis.

Our mission in 2016 was to provide Chupa Chups with always-on Facebook content, including creating professional designs and captions with detailed concepts and monthly social media reports. We updated the feed with trendy posts and the occasional event notificaton to increase brand love from fans. Each month in 2016, eight posts with colorful visual designs were uploaded, focusing on creating new ways to live, driven by the theme of relaxing and the line “take life less seriously with Chupa Chups.” The posts included different themes such as Wall-Act, Brand Love, Guess Who, Chups Everywhere, and Spot the Difference. And starting in 2017, we developed content based on the new positioning of Chupa Chups: “Forever Fun,” which was about silly and fun themes, sharing precious moments, and never giving up on having a good time!

Among the different themes, we mainly focused on increasing the brand love of fans. In total, 17 posts in .gif and image formats were uploaded, with Chupa Chups in colorful graphic designs. Funny video post with cute pandas eating Chupa Chups were particularly successful, and achieved the best performance and lowest cost-per-engagement (CPE), with 270,511 engagements. Thanks to funny and interesting copy, cute and funny designs, and exciting, witty song clips, many fans engaged with the campaign. However, our most successful strategy was interacting with the fans! We encouraged them to voice their opinions and take actions on the posts, and we proactively responded to their comments. This resulted in great appreciation from the fans, who appreciated that their voices were heard – which increased brand love for Chupa Chups.

Our flexibility in adapting to the different trends was a real success in increasing brand love and inspiring the fans. We combined Chupa Chups with Ice Age characters to support the consumer promotion campaign, and added different characters to the Chupa Chups wrap. We also combined Guess Who and Chups, which consisted of getting fans to participate by suggesting “whom or what” they thought was behind the Chupa Chups.

Our constant proactive interaction with fans, featuring creative and interesting posts, worked extremely well, enabling Chupa Chups to gain fans while increasing overall brand love. The success of the campaign was due to our continuous analysis and reporting from our previous posts. With our enthusiasm for engaging followers and through endless hours of research on new and trending topics, we provided real-time content that fans loved. Utilizing quick turnaround, content that aligned with current trending topics was created and uploaded. Our posts uploaded in real-time throughout the year reached 1,130,892 users and generated almost 90,000 engagements.

In today’s fast-changing, highly competitive market, companies can no longer compete purely with product offerings, and need to rethink how they serve their customers, which requires a much more personal approach. Mirum Vietnam ensured that the content we posted for fans was creative, but more importantly, featured authentic engagement with them by sharing real-time content, which greatly increased Chupa Chups’ brand love!

PVM were delighted with our work and results for Chupa Chups in 2016, and decided to sign a new contract with Mirum Vietman for 2017 – bravo!

- Claire HaeLim Ahn is PR Intern, Mirum Vietnam