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We are Mirum

The story

We are a global digital agency of makers, believers and make-believers.

We create experiences that people want and businesses need. We are for those who embrace the transformative power of digital.  We guide brands through our three offering platforms: business transformation, experience development and commerce activation.

We are Mirum. Let’s make what’s next.

The culture

Mirum offices around the world share a common culture and way of thinking: our passions and expertise are in innovation, design, data, marketing and technology that drives business transformation in a world of constantly evolving behaviors and expectations.

We never stop looking for new answers. When someone questions if it can be done, we think ‘yes’. We are constantly wondering about the world around us. That is what makes us agile and open-minded for what is yet to be discovered.

We are explorers.

The people

2200 talented people 46 amazing offices around the world

0 cubicles

Local leadership

Your mirum is managed locally. Get to know us.

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Alice Shanaver
General Manager
San Diego
Alex Benjamin
Managing Director
San Diego
Erin Ryan
VP, Project Management
San Diego
Gretchen Cordova
VP Digital Marketing Strategy
San Diego
Karen Bellin
VP, Analytics
San Diego
Jen Pniak
HR Manager
San Diego
Kevin RisonChu
Director of Systems & Infrastructure
San Diego
Paul Drohan
Executive Design Director
San Diego
Peggy Powers
Director, Sales Solutions
San Diego
Peter Sayn-Wittgenstein
Executive Creative Director
San Diego
​Michael Jackson
Executive Experience Director
San Diego
Mark Newcomer
Chief Strategy Officer, North America
Bret Otzenberger
Chief Technology Officer, North America
Daiga Atvara
Chief Design Officer
North America

Global Leadership

We are a borderless agency. Our global leadership team is united by an entrepreneurial spirit and shared vision to transform how businesses communicate and grow.

CEO Dan Khabie is the Global and North America CEO of Mirum. Prior to this, he was the spiritual and literal leader of Digitaria, one of the 11 agencies that merged to form Mirum in 2015.

An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Dan spearheaded both Digitaria’s acquisition of technology services firm Console in 2006 as well as the firm’s 2010 acquisition by WPP.

He keeps his entrepreneurial spirit alive through his involvement with the Entrepreneurial Management Center at San Diego State University.