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Finnair + Helsinki Airport (Finavia)

Match Made in HEL – The Runway

A global campaign turned an airport runway into a fashion catwalk.

Creating unique Nordic experiences to stand out

Due to Helsinki’s northerly position on the globe, it’s always wisest to fly via HEL when traveling between Asia and Europe. Helsinki Airport has been named one of the best airports in the world and Finnair flies the world’s shortest routes between Asia and Europe. The problem, however, is that not too many people are aware of this. 

How to push our message through – especially in crowded markets such as Asia with much bigger players in aviation? How do we get people in five different markets to talk about Helsinki Airport and Finnair?

Pulling off a nearly impossible show experience at HEL

The fashion and travel industry share a long history. People have always traveled far and wide for fashion, and fashion has always been inspired by travel. Using this insight, Finnair and Helsinki Airport joined forces to create buzz among the global fashion community – to reach the attention of wider audiences around the world.  

First we handpicked seven of the most interesting fashion designers from Asia and Europe. Then we brought them together with a couple of hundred fashion influencers around the world. Finally, we closed down one of Helsinki Airport’s busiest runways and turned it into a catwalk for a fashion show like none other. Introducing the world’s first fashion show on a runway.

Approach that really paid off big

Rather than splashing heavy media budgets around the globe, we chose to focus on creating and distributing surprising, relevant and appealing content before, during, and after the fashion show. The approach paid off big. Our campaign got amplified through influencers widely in the target markets. Match Made in HEL was noted in various global travel, lifestyle, and fashion publications online and offline – even in Italian Vogue.    

To get excited about the campaign, you didn’t have to be into fashion. On May 24th 2016, press from around the globe came to witness the unique event on site and fans tuned in via live stream. The campaign was a viral hit and exceeded the high expectations.


  • 39,4 million video views

  • Over 450 global PR hits

  • Over 400 million earned media impressions with a value of over 3 Meur

  • Over 5 million engagements with the campaign content