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Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth (CABCY)

CABCY tackles bullying with social media

A 100-second animated video helps to to end bullying by cutting out parts of the video with each Facebook share.

Raising awareness through social media

In Singapore, an average of about 4 children in every class of 35 students are being bullied by peers. The Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth have not only researched this issue extensivley, but were looking for a way to bring awareness to it. With our help, they were hoping to shed light on the issue by tapping into the world of Facebook shares through a 100-second illustration film titled "Share it to end it."

The Power of a Facebook share

The 100-second animation portrayed a boy being bullied at school in a multitude of ways. The bullying victim's silent suffering was hosted on Each time the video was shared, it was shortened by a millisecond, giving the next person that much less to watch. This led to the video eventually dissapearing, which was meant to symbolize the ending of the victim's misery. After it was completely wiped out, people were still encouraged to continue talking about the topic on social media.  

Gold Medal at Adfest in Promo

The video generated over 100,000 shares until it finally was wiped out. After a successful launch, the "Share it to end it" campaign took home the Gold medal at Adfest for Best Use of Social Media. This innovative social media campaign illustrated our ability to work alongside J. Walter Thompson and collaborate as one team.