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Service app for EDC

EDC, the largest real estate agent in Denmark, wanted to go mobile – and to be industry first. 

Smarter, more efficient and on the go

One of the first steps in a journey towards a total mobilization of Denmark´s largest estate agent, EDC, is the development of “Mobilagent” (“Mobilmægler”), a digital tool, providing the agents with the possibility to work smarter, more efficient and on the go. “Mobilagent” is a tool for iPad and iPhone, giving the agent access to all relevant papers, presentations and tools to service the customer, making the time with piles of papers in the trunk of the car past history.

Flexibility and momentum

A thorough collaboration with the future users, has led to the creation of an app that supports the workflow of the user, providing the needed information and functionality, in the current situations, supporting the momentum and making that all important sale.