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Royal Carribean Ltd

Royal Caribbean Ltd global booking platform

Creation of new brand, new technology and a new design to redefine cruise booking experience.

It all began with plastic folders

Just ten years ago, to book a cruise, travel agents called a cruising company who would pull from a library of binders to look up deck plans and staterooms. From binders, on paper. It is a wonder that anyone got anywhere. It was a system that eagerly welcomed digital. Royal Caribbean Ltd., owners of the Celebrity, Azamara and Royal Caribbean cruise lines, was the first to pioneer that revolution. But as they began to differentiate themselves with their way of booking, competitors caught on, and eventually caught up.

Don't look back

It was time for Royal to do it again.

To create a new standard for an entire industry that everyone else would look to emulate, and their groundbreaking new booking platform was to become iconic. But, just as they had 10 years ago, Royal wasn’t looking to just solve for tomorrow. They wanted the solution that would be cutting edge many years from its inception.

So, how do you go about planning for an unknown future?

To predict the future, create it

Because this new booking engine had to be developed with little regard for current standards and expectations, we had to decide together what the future would look like. Our approach was innovative thinking at every step. New experiences, new technologies and a new brand to make it best in class. We needed to make it something that could be truly owned by Royal.

So, along with a new experience, a new brand was developed, a new name “Espresso” was given, and a visual identity was conceived. But we didn’t stop there. The new brand expression was reflected in the usability, the voice and every experience touchpoint. Our goal was to help Royal Caribbean innovate in every way possible—so if anyone else were to try, people would credit Royal as having done it first.