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Responsive solutions for allergy season

When sniffle season hits, people need more than tissues

Allergy sufferers find relief with mobile

With better-known competitors outspending 2-to-1 on TV advertising, ZYRTEC needed a smart and effective digital experience to compete during the ultra-aggressive allergy season. Mirum and J. Walter Thompson New York helped ZYRTEC go fully mobile, so itchy-eyed consumers could find solutions wherever and whenever they need them.

A perfect response that is perfectly responsive

A responsive website that draws on consumer input and analytics-based insights, ZYRTEC.COM provides curated articles, optimized tools and an improved rewards experience, right in the palm of our audience’s hand. This "mobile-first" experience reinforced ZYRTEC’s leadership status with consumers who were familiar with the brand’s innovative digital programs; like ZYRTEC Rewards, the AllergyCast app, and Muddlevention social activation. Best of all, these digital solutions helped ZYRTEC gain a #1 share and win over the hearts, and noses, of consumers.