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Earth control by Systemfrugt

Responsive site for Earth Control

A visual and functional extension of the brand, making the playful universe of Earth Control, come alive on digital platforms.

The same good experience on all platforms

Earth Control is a provider of snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, berries and crisps, with a special attention of the origin of the ingredients.

With an ambition to take advantage of the media and the characteristics of each platform, we created a site, carried by close up content photos and animations, giving the user the same visual and functional experience on whatever platform he or she prefers. 

In consideration of the many different user scenarios

A simple navigation between self-explanatory pages, made to both collect the customers responding to a banner-, tv- or offline campaign and to support the buy, at home or in the shop, by providing inspiration and information about the products.

Supported by a technical solution that is easy to manage and scale according to the needs of the customer, makes the Earth Control site a good tool for both Earth Control and their customers.