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Priceless Cities Member Loyalty Program

Mastercard wanted to create a global Priceless Cities loyalty program within the Asian market so we helped them create efficiencies through a regional hub and spoke model.

Many markets, retailers and customers but only one platform

For MasterCard "Priceless" is more than a marketing slogan, it is a promise.

“MasterCard Priceless Cities” is a global loyalty program, which rewards MasterCard card members with exclusive privileges. With 21 markets in the Asia Pacific and North East Asia regions and with each market having thousands of retailers within it, a new way of managing Priceless offers was needed. We helped MasterCard find their way by investing in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Utilizing Adobe to get the right offer to the right customer

With thousands of offers to present to cardholders, the challenge was ensuring the right cardholder sees the right offer in the most richly branded experience possible. The personalization and targeting tools available from Adobe allowed us to ensure this aim was realized.

Many screens but just one experience

We ensured that all of a customer's interactions were linked up across devices. What's more, with Adobe Analytics we can ensure that we understand there is one customer across these channels and find the insights that allow us to drive more engagement in the future.