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Bank Audi

Prepaid Card Retail, Reinvented

Cards to Go bridges the gap between banking product and retail through a customized prepaid gift card vending machine

A blend of cutting-edge technology, security and creativity

In keeping with Bank Audi’s commitment to bring the latest technologies closer to customers, we created a smart, interactive and secure vending machine that dispenses customizable prepaid gift cards. The structure of the machine was custom-built around a multi-touch screen for smooth product navigation, an innovative dispensing mechanism allowing for multiple size packages, and payment gateway integration. The machine caters to security verifications by taking instant snapshots of customers and is equipped with built-in motion and temperature sensors that detect any breach or possible machine malfunctions.

Seamless, customer-centric experiences

The slick, user-friendly vending machine allows those wishing to acquire a prepaid gift card to cut in line and reduce the wait time they would normally have to struggle with should they want to do the same thing at the branch. Cards to Go allows anyone to pick out a prepaid card from a library of 12 predesigned and already-packaged cards for all occasions. Alternatively, one can design their own card by choosing background graphics and personalized messages, which the machine will print and dispense instantly. 

Blazing the trail for retail banking innovation

Cards to Go closed the gap between an attractive offering by Bank Audi—namely prepaid gift cards—and its distribution, both at the regional and international level. Buying a personalized gift card was made accessible and as easy as using a vending machine. The blend of top-of-the-line product innovation and seamlessness resulted in a considerable hike in transactions, with over 100 transactions in the first month only. This initiative won the “Best Use of Innovative Technology” Award at the MasterCard Innovation Forum 2015.