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Chow Sang Sang

Magic Mirror on the Wall

Hong Kong’s premier jeweller Chow Sang Sang wanted to attract and communicate with consumers through modern and innovative methods  

Mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern technology

The physical jewellery shopping experience in Hong Kong has long remained the same with minimal innovation and technological advancement taking place over the past few decades. We came up with a technologically advanced experience that would generate consumer excitement both in store and online.

Utilising the latest in touch screen technology, we created the Magic Mirror and Charme Table – two innovative pieces of technology that has changed the way Chow Sang Sang’s clients shop for jewellery.

Enhanced customer experiences

The Magic Mirror allows shoppers to browse through a digital catalogue of necklaces before selecting a virtual necklace to try on. The mirror also lets customers take photos or videos of themselves wearing their virtual necklace to upload on social media, generating further awareness and excitement. 

The Charme Table lets customers digitally explore Chow Sang Sang’s range of Charmes to create their own Charme bracelet. The touchscreen table allows friends to mix and match bracelets with each other, gives them the power to share their different creations on social media as well as order the real thing in store or online.  

Greater interaction in more efficient stores

In three short months we revitalised the shopping experience for over 5000 Chow Sang Sang customers. On top of increasing store traffic and customer engagement, our technological advancements helped increase staff efficiency as we have freed them from spending countless hours picking out Charmes and necklaces for customers to try. Our innovations also reduced the waiting time for customers.

Chow Sang Sang have been so impressed with the results that they will be including this technology in stores across China.