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15 years of innovating with Qualcomm

Shaping the future of communications for a pioneering company who needs a transformative agency.

A history of redefining the future

With a partnership that goes back 15 years, Mirum and Qualcomm have worked together to shape the future of technology. Qualcomm was built on invention, on the belief that an idea can spark a sea of change and transform the world in wonderful ways. Invention is at the heart of human progress, at the heart of the mobile industry, and both are at the heart of Qualcomm's business. As their full-service, global digital partner, we stand at the forefront with them, pushing the envelope to bring those innovations to market.

What’s digital marketing? Depends when you ask us

We’ve helped conceive Qualcomm’s digital ecosystem and are continually expanding it as digital marketing evolves. What began as websites and content management platforms now means comprehensive story telling and brand journalism, global destinations with robust localization, digital marketing, asset management and distribution, event marketing, internal communication management, new product and service design, search, social and DOOH such as the interactive Qualcomm Museum or digital installations at CES.

The list goes on and continues to grow as we work together to explore new frontiers in digital.