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Mirum’s Lunchbox becomes Mirum Shopper, introducing new ways to influence buyers

The next generation of shopper marketing solutions for engaging the digitally-savvy consumer

Brands have been challenged like never before to deliver more engaging experiences that deliver on the needs of shoppers and convert them into buyers.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that our award-winning shopper engagement agency Lunchbox will become Mirum Shopper, and renew its long-standing relationship with client Unilever. Learn more at www.mirumshopper.com.

“Lunchbox has been a pioneer in shopper marketing, creating innovative content and immersive digital experiences. With Mirum Shopper, we’re creating the next generation of solutions for shoppers, brands and retailers,” said Jay Mathew, Chief Operating Officer of the new Mirum Shopper.

Mirum Shopper will be part of Mirum’s new commerce activation platform, designed to change the way brands engage with consumers and shoppers. The platform combines tech, analytics, data, campaign planning, and creative services with social shopper, shopper engagement services, and the creation of original content – from branded videos to events, mobile and in-store platforms – to influence shoppers in new ways.

“We are pleased that Lunchbox is now Mirum Shopper,” said Kevin Flagg, Sr. Director, Shopper Marketing, Unilever. “This evolution provides a richer solution for the Unilever brands, including deeper analytics and planning. With our needs increasing exponentially, this was a critical factor in our choice to renew our work with Mirum.”

Dan Khabie, Global and North America CEO of Mirum, said that retailers and brands are still figuring out how to influence buying behavior, and Mirum Shopper will specialize on the demands of the agile and “easily bored” consumer.

“Mirum Shopper will reinvent consumer and shopper engagement while continuing the exemplary level of shopper activation, social media, analytics and turnkey video production,” he said.

Visit the Mirum Shopper site here.

Download the full press release here.