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Kids inspire adults to pursue their dreams in new Mirum campaign for American Family Insurance

Enlisting the “world’s most powerful dreamers”

Sometimes, adults get so bogged down by worries, responsibilities, and the daily grind that they don’t have the time and freedom to dream. In fact, we lose 80% of our ability to dream after the age of eight. But Mirum and American Family Insurance are changing the paradigm by enlisting the world’s most powerful dreamers: kids!

Enter the “Kid Coaches campaign, which Mirum created in the U.S. with American Family Insurance, in partnership with BBDO. The campaign focuses on American Family Insurance’s mission of protecting and championing dreams, and leverages the unique perspective, advice and insight of children to help adults see beyond the obstacles of daily life.

“Kids are amazing coaches because they’re not stifled by perceived obstacles, like time constraints, lack of confidence, or the fear of failure,” said Mirum Business Director Stephanie Leapaldt. “Their untainted advice reminds us of what's possible and frees us to pursue our dreams. This sentiment is the essence of the Kid Coach campaign.”

The digital campaign centers on interactive content, with hero videos and customized advice, broadcast and print ads, that highlight the emotional interactions between the Kid Coaches and four adults struggling to pursue their dreams. The Kid Coaches offer imaginative, honest and sometimes entertaining solutions to overcoming the barriers to pursuing dreams.

Watch the Kid Coaches giving advice here.

Visitors can “set their dreams in motion” on the American Family Insurance site to receive individualized Kid Coach advice videos. We’re really excited about this campaign that gets to the core of what American Family does: insure and protect customers, so they feel safe, secure, and free to pursue their dreams.

“At Mirum, we often draw on that childhood sense of wonder to inform our work, so we’re thrilled to join that mission with American Family to inspire people to live out their dreams,” said Mirum CEO Dan Khabie.

Here’s to making dreams come true and never losing your sense of wonder!