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Evolution of the Web: CJ Gammon on Simple Tools with Advanced Capabilities

Mirum @ SXSW Interactive: Saturday, March 14

Mirum @ SXSW Interactive: Saturday, March 14

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Session: The Evolution of the Web

Presenter: CJ Gammon, Creative Technologist, Adobe

CJ Gammon kicked off the day with a deep dive into the evolving word of browsers, display and native applications. As web content becomes more sophisticated (3D graphics, augmented reality and beyond), the tools that aid the delivery of this content must evolve with it. Striking harmony between more advanced capabilities and simplified tools, he emphasized the needs of both developers and designers—and most critically, their ability to work together in streamlined and powerful ways.

Gammon took us through the game changing tools in the era of a more evolved web, from gamepad APIs to node servers inside Photoshop that allow instant in-application updates. Yes, there’s a generator that allows changes in Photoshop assets to be pulled instantly into applications.

These days it’s not native versus web, but native and web. Technologists should leverage the potential of both through the creative use of an ever-expanding suite of simple plug-ins and APIs. Ultimately, Gammon didn’t just retell the history of the web, but also demonstrated his place within it, showing off several tools he himself created, including a web tool for tracking through a 3D scene.

Gammon’s full presentation (and the projects he talks about) can be found here.

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-Tony Oblen is Global Digital Associate Strategist at Mirum. You can follow him on Twitter @tonyoblen